Doon Christian School - Providing a Bible-based God-centered learning environment
  Mrs. Leusink

Since I had huge problems last year with the website, I will send home a hard copy of the important news every week

Miss Kelderman
Hello from your Middle Room teacher!! I am so excited to be teaching at Doon Christian this upcoming year! I grew up in this school, and I am honored to be able to come back to the amazing school I was a part of for 9 years. I received my teaching preparation at Augustana University, and I completed my 12 weeks of student teaching at Rock Valley Christian School. 

I will be using the website to update you with important information such as class assignments, quizzes, test, sign-ups, and very soon, a supply list. 

If you need to reach me with any questions or concerns, you can call/text me at 
(712) 578-9509 or email me at 
Mr. Zonnefeld

Mrs. Tubergen
I will be the principal and secretary for the upcoming school year.  I plan on being at school Monday from 2p.m. - 4:30p.m, Wednesday from 7:30a.m - 11:30a.m., and Friday from 3:00p.m. - 5:00p.m.   There will be some weeks that I will not be able to be physically present during the school day.  I also work at Dordt College and there are weeks that I am mandated to work everyday til 4 o'clock or later.  You can call or text me at 712-578-8607.  Take note that I do not have a smart phone so I can not receive pictures and emojis. You can email me at or at  Please email me the hot lunch menu by Friday.  Please note that we do have a child with a peanut and dairy allergy.

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