Doon Christian School - Providing a Bible-based God-centered learning environment
Note:  Graduation date is now THURSDAY, May 17 at 7p.m.

We have hired a new teacher for 6th and 7th grade.  We want to welcome Mrs. Becky Stevenson.  She had been teaching at the Heritage Christian School for the past 6 years.

SomeONE is going Bald for Doon Christian....Keith or Mylke Kelderman.  2 buckets will be placed at the Doon Elevator and Premier Bank in Doon.  Whoever ends up with the most money in their bucket will be shaved completely bald including facial hair!  Out of town donations can send checks directly to Doon Christian but make sure to note which bucket you would like that donation to go into.  This Fund Raiser will run from now until May 4.  Come join us for the SHAVING at the Doon Christian Picnic on May 18.

Monday, April 16:
 Hot Lunch - grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, chips, jello salad, and an ice cream cone for dessert.

Tuesday, April 17: soccer game
Wednesday, April 18: PTA/ Society meeting at 7p.m. in the school basement. Vote between Krista and Larae Van Der Brink to be your next PTA officer.

-Staff appreciation lunch at the Corner Cafe

- Mismatch day for students

Thursday, April 19: K-5 Field trip

- soccer game 

Friday, April 20: Hot Lunch - Pizza, lettuce and birthday treat

Saturday, April 21:

Sunday, April 22: Song of the Month Singing   The students of Doon Christian will be singing their songs of the month following the 6 p.m. evening service.


Monday, April 23: 

Tuesday, April 24: Solo/Ensemble at Sioux Center Christian School (6th-8th grade students should be at the warm up room 143 no later than 4:40.  The students will perform at 4:58 in room 145)
Wednesday, April 25: 

Thursday, April 26:
Soccer game @ Inwood against Sanborn Chr.

Friday, April 27: Mother's Tea

Hot Lunch  - Have the menu to me by Friday 3:30
A big thank you to all who serve hot lunch.  There are 20 students and 3 teachers. Three 9X13 pans of hot dish should be enough.
***Notice:  We do have a child that has a peanut allergy, so please keep that in mind when planning what food to prepare.  Thanks!!

Your School Board members
President - Evan Le Loux

Vice president & tuition 
    treasurer - Jon Mulder
Treasurer - Brian Denekas

Secretary - Chad Van Engen
Your PTA officers
Tiffany Van Engen
Rhonda Mulder
Treasurer - Sable Schiebout

FACEBOOK Publishers 
Megan Kelderman
Ashely Van Engen
Tiffany Van Engen

Alisa DeKam
Krista Van Der Brink

Those creating a MAILING LIST
Sheila Vink
Marsha Van Bemmel
Rhonda LeLoux
Mowing schedule for the teacherage and school yard for the week of... 

Attention: School has a brand new lawn mower.  Please check oil and let a school board member know if any maintenance is needed or take care of ASAP.  We'd like to keep it in great shape as many years as we can.  Also, please remove the key and put it on the north wall after use.ALSO:The landscaping around school has been redone- PLEASE make at least 2 passes blowing grass clippings away from the rock when mowing so we can keep it as weed free as possible for years to come.  THANK YOU
If you are unable to mow on your week, please trade with someone. 
The school's lawn mower is in the teacherage garage. 
Please check oil before mowing and bring your own gas. It is your responsibility to fill gas tank when you are finished mowing!


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