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2017 – 2018 Hot Lunch Schedule


We have a student with a peanut allergy, so please plan accordingly.  Thank you.
Hot Lunch A big thank you to all who serve hot lunch.  There are 20 students and 3 teachers. Three 9X13 pans of hot dish should be enough.

As you know that I am juggling two jobs.  I need your cooperation in either emailing me the hot lunch schedule at or texting it to me (712-578-8607) by 3:30 on Friday of each week.  I am hoping to make the news letters on Friday afternoons with this information.


Friday, January 5 – Larae VanDerBrink

the week of January 7 – Alisa DeKam

the week of January 14 – Rhonda Mulder

Monday, January 22 – Krista VanDerBrink (goulash, applesauce, bread and dessert)

Friday, January 26 – Kris DeJong

Monday, January 29 – Larae VanDerBrink


the week of February 4 – Kris DeJong

the week of February 11 – Tiffany Van Engen

Wednesday, February 21 – Krista Van Engen

Friday, February 23 – Leah Van Der Brink

Wednesday, February 28 – Rhonda LeLoux

Friday, March 2 - Lorna Haverhal

the week of March 4 – Kris DeJong

the week of March 11 – Rhonda Mulder

the week of March 18 – Gwen Denekas

Wednesday, March 28 – Wilma Van Bemmel


Friday, April 6 – Nina Koedam and Hedy Van Maanen

Tuesday, April 10 – Christine Kroese and Ashley VanDerBrink

Monday, April 16 – Leah VanderBrink

Friday, April 20 – Krista VanDerBrink

the week of April 22 – Sable Schiebout

the week of April 30 – Gwen Denekas

the week of May 6 – Doris VanDerBrink

the week of May 13 - PTA




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